About us


Invented by entrepreneur Marc Wells, he came up with the idea when he met a friend at a dinner party who had her hair full of sublime curls. It was there that he learned how many women use drinking straws to curl their hair because the length of a straws allows you to twist your hair around the entire length of the tube allowing for faster drying time and longer hold. Long curlers are not available in stores so many women would stock up on straws as a curler alternative. The downfall of straws is that they are not easy to use to keep your hair in place and they come in limited sizes. This is where the idea to come up with a new curler was born.


Strawllers are long simple to use curlers that create luxurious,elegant and defined curls.
This product celebrates our natural curliness and helps us to make them more defined and controlled.
Strawllers is a great product for women who are finding less time in their daily routines to spend on their hair. You want to be strong, powerful and beautiful. If Strawllers is able to help you be glamorous, sexy and healthy as simply as possible then why wouldn’t every woman want some?